Over The Counter Cold, Cough & Flu Tablets & Medications

Over The Counter Cold, Cough, Flu Tablets and Medications

There’s never a convenient time to catch a cold, but when illness hits it is wise to put up a fight to send the virus on its way. Here at Medicines2U, we have brought together a comprehensive selection of cough, cold and flu medicine, for you to choose your weapon of choice.

We offer a range of medications at competitive prices whether you opt for syrups, to soothe a sore throat and clear your sinuses, or for tablets and capsules to ease your headaches and fever,

Our handy filters mean you can shop by price or category, as well as browsing our most popular items. We also offer free UK delivery on all orders over £40, keeping your costs low. Check out our full collection of cough, cold and flu medicine, and buy online today.