Stay Safe on Holiday


Stay Safe on Holiday with Period Delay, Malaria & Diarrhoea Tablets


We have all being there; you are just settling into your holiday stride when Granny has an allergic reaction to a mosquito bite, the change in diet doesn’t agree with Mum’s stomach, or little Jonny cuts his foot on the beach.

What at home would be considered fairly minor incidents can feel like a big deal on holiday, especially in a foreign country when you’re in unfamiliar surroundings and don’t speak the language. Simple tasks all of a sudden become more difficult to resolve and can quickly turn into often unnecessary dramas.

There’s little point in packing for every medical eventuality, but by just packing the essentials and being prepared with a simple first aid kit, you can help avoid any major disruption to your holiday bliss.

Pain Killers

Even mild pain can ruin a day or two whilst on holiday. Whether it’s to aid you in getting over the night before, or to provide relief from backache or a headache caused by too much sun, pain killers are a must. They are also often very expensive in tourist hotspots.

Diarrhoea Tablets

It’s not uncommon for a change in diet and food intake to cause an upset stomach. Although it can lead to dehydration, more than often it’s just a nausea inducing and sometimes mildly painful inconvenience. However, the last thing you want to do on holiday is waste days lying in bed and not participating in events or excursions as a result. Diarrhoea tablets are therefore an essential in the holiday first aid kit. Diarrhoea tablets are readily available with common remedies including Imodium and J.Collis Brownes Mixture.

Indigestion treatments

Like diarrhoea, the onset of indigestion can be caused by a change in diet. Symptoms such as heart burn and feeling bloated, although usually fairly short lasting, can be extremely uncomfortable. Avoid the pain and add treatments such as Losec or Zantac to your suitcase.

Anti-histamine tablets

Foreign countries are often full of little creepy crawlies that like nothing more than to sink their teeth into your skin, or sting you. Although rarely nothing more than an annoyance, the body can have an allergic reaction causing swelling and itching in the affected area. Pack anti-histamine tablets to ensure you can quickly and effectively treat allergic reactions and get on with enjoying your holiday.


Holidays are often full of intrigue and adventure and as a result of always been active and on the go, minor cuts and blisters are a common occurrence. Ease the discomfort and help prevent infection by adding plasters to the first aid kit.

Period delay

You are on holiday, you don’t want to be hindered from taking part in anything, especially by your period. Period delay tablets simply maintain the levels of progesterone in the body, therefore putting back the menstrual cycle.  They are available online or from your local GP. It’s advised that period delay tablets aren’t taken for longer than 17 days.

Malaria tablets.

There is currently no vaccine for malaria, so if you’re heading to a country where it is present, ensure you pack Malaria tablets. Although Malaria tablets don’t prevent the infection of the malaria parasite, they do suppress the symptoms by killing the parasites either in the liver or as they leave the liver and enter the bloodstream. A tropics holiday essential.

Obviously not every holiday will require all of the above treatments - some countries don’t have malaria infected mosquitos and some people aren’t prone to suffering from indigestion. However, it is better to be prepared. For most of us holidays come but once a year, so pack a small first aid kit and don’t let minor incidents eat into your time away from work.

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