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  • Feeling worse for wear after a night out? Find your hangover cure today

    HANGOVERWaking up to a pounding headache, a room spinning and a dry mouth, only one question springs to mind ‘why did I have so much to drink?’ A good night comes along with 2 bloodshot eyes, 1 racing heart, head pains, nausea and the long list that seems to go on and on. So the question is how to a cure a hangover? Or an even better question is how to avoid a hangover? Unfortunately, there are not many ways to avoid it however, follow our tips on how to minimise that dreaded hangover:


    1. Have something to eat before you go out and have a drink.

    2. After every alcoholic drink, have a soft drink. You’ll be surprised how much of a difference this makes!

    3. Don’t feel pressurised in drinking in rounds and racing the fastest drinker, remember the faster you drink chances are the more you will drink!


    If you still feel worse for wear the next day, there are remedies for you to cure that horrified hangover and happily leave it in the past.


    1. The most important thing to remember is that your body needs time to recover. Regular alcohol intake comes along with health problems. Give yourself a 2 day break before having another drink, longer if possible.
    2. Drink plenty of water
    3. Alcohol seems to drain the vitamins from your body, so boost your system with Vitamin B, C, Zinc & Magnesium supplements.
    4. Milk Thistle, this is a traditional remedy which has been used since Roman times, which is used to improve Liver function
    5. Berocca can be used to provide a high dose of vitamins which can fight tiredness and lethargy
    6. Even though Dioralyte is used as an electrolyte rehydration powder taken in response to diarrhoea, it can also be helpful after a few too many.
    7. Pepto Bismal is used for treating an upset stomach, nausea and indigestion
    8. Gaviscon or Andrews Original Salts can also used for treating an upset stomach

    So step onto the road of recovery and wave goodbye to your horrific hangover!

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