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  • The advantages of an online Pharmacy

    With the population continually rising, along with overall life expectancy, the volume of patients requesting to see family doctors and practice nurses is spiralling out of control. It is placing them under unmanageable pressure as they struggle to meet intensifying demands whilst retaining a high level of care and, of course it’s having a huge effect on patient waiting time.

    Indeed, family doctors have already warned that patients will regularly be waiting up to a month to see a GP by this time next year. Even now, according to the GP patient survey published in July, over a quarter of people in England were unable to obtain a GP appointment or had to wait a week or more to see or even speak to someone the last time they tried. Continue reading

  • Feeling worse for wear after a night out? Find your hangover cure today

    HANGOVERWaking up to a pounding headache, a room spinning and a dry mouth, only one question springs to mind ‘why did I have so much to drink?’ A good night comes along with 2 bloodshot eyes, 1 racing heart, head pains, nausea and the long list that seems to go on and on. So the question is how to a cure a hangover? Or an even better question is how to avoid a hangover? Unfortunately, there are not many ways to avoid it however, follow our tips on how to minimise that dreaded hangover:


    1. Have something to eat before you go out and have a drink.

    2. After every alcoholic drink, have a soft drink. You’ll be surprised how much of a difference this makes!

    3. Don’t feel pressurised in drinking in rounds and racing the fastest drinker, remember the faster you drink chances are the more you will drink!


    If you still feel worse for wear the next day, there are remedies for you to cure that horrified hangover and happily leave it in the past.


    1. The most important thing to remember is that your body needs time to recover. Regular alcohol intake comes along with health problems. Give yourself a 2 day break before having another drink, longer if possible.
    2. Drink plenty of water
    3. Alcohol seems to drain the vitamins from your body, so boost your system with Vitamin B, C, Zinc & Magnesium supplements.
    4. Milk Thistle, this is a traditional remedy which has been used since Roman times, which is used to improve Liver function
    5. Berocca can be used to provide a high dose of vitamins which can fight tiredness and lethargy
    6. Even though Dioralyte is used as an electrolyte rehydration powder taken in response to diarrhoea, it can also be helpful after a few too many.
    7. Pepto Bismal is used for treating an upset stomach, nausea and indigestion
    8. Gaviscon or Andrews Original Salts can also used for treating an upset stomach

    So step onto the road of recovery and wave goodbye to your horrific hangover!

  • Put a STOP to your Cold Sore today!

    cold soreCold sores usually appear on lips or nearby. A tingling feeling is sometimes felt and then small blisters develop. Cold sores usually clear up by themselves without any treatment within 7-10 days however, there are anti-viral creams available. If these are used correctly, it can ease the symptoms and speed up the healing time.





    Cold sores are usually caused by a virus which stays in the body. When someone is ill the body weakens its fight against the cold sore virus and this triggers a cold sore to develop.


    1. Being ill with a viral or other illness may trigger off a cold sore.

    2. Stress or worrying may trigger off a cold sore

    3. Sunlight may trigger off a cold core.



    It is best to avoid contact of your cold sore with any other persons skin, other wise there is a risk that you may spread the cold sore to that person. Whilst having a cold sore it is best to avoid kissing babies or anyone with a weak immune system.

    Sunscreen lip balms for cold sores

    If you develop cold sores in response to strong sunlight, sunscreen lip balms may prevent a cold sore developing. There are also lip balms to use when a cold sore appears.


    nivea lip care                                       carmex                                         blistex

    Nivea Lip Care Sun Spf25                 Carmex Lip Balm spf15                             Blistex Lip Splash spf15      

    £3.46                                                      £2.55                                                               £3.05


    Painkillers for Cold Sores

    Some cold sores can become quite painful and painkillers can be used to ease the pain. Medicines like Paracetamol or Ibuprofen will help alleviate the pain.


    Anti-viral creams for Cold Sore

    Anti-viral creams fight the virus which causes cold sores, they work best if used as soon as the symptoms start.


    lypsyl             vantage clearsore  Zovirax                  cymex ultra

    Lypsyl Cold Sore Gel        Vantage Clearsore Cream     Zovirax Cold Sore cream       Cymex Ultra Cream

    £2.91                                     £1.89                                            £6.60                                          £2.91


    Anti-viral Tablets for Cold Sores

    Anti-viral tablets fight the virus which causes cold sores, they work best if used as soon as the symptoms start.  These are more helpful if cold sores extend into the nose or if the cold sores are particularly severe. The products below require a prescription, if you do not have a prescription click here to obtain a prescription and medication using our Online Doctor Consultation Service.


    aciclovir tablets 200mg                           aciclovir tablets 200mg

    Aciclovir 200mg (5 day course) 25 Tablets                     Aciclovir 200mg (25 day course) 25 Tablets

    £20.98                                                                                       £20.98


    It is best to read the medication pack leaflet carefully before you use any medication. If you have any side effects or if symptoms persist, you should discuss this with your usual medical practitioner.

     The above information is only to help you select the product you may require and should not be used for the diagnosis or treatment of any medical conditions.   Although care has been taken in providing this information, gives no guarantee or assurance for the accuracy of the information and you should consult a doctor, pharmacist, or other healthcare professional.

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