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  • Why not go DRY this January?

    Why not kick start the new year by taking part in Dry January. Dry January challenges people to give up alcohol completely for an entire month. The festive season can leave you feeling rundown or hungover and what better time to start a detox and cleanse the body than today!

    The advantages of giving up, or at least cutting down on alcohol range widely. According to Alcohol Concern, drinking is a contributing factor to over 60 illnesses and conditions, some of which include:

    • • High blood pressure.
    • • Depression.
    • • Liver cirrhosis.
    • • Liver, stomach, throat and mouth cancer.


    Let’s all collectively raise awareness and motivate each other to take part in this great cause and have a positive impact on our health and well being. With so many people participating in Dry January, it has already proven to be quite the success.

    Your New Year’s resolution may be to start saving money; cutting down on the amount you drink can impact positively on your finances. The benefits are lengthy. Reducing consumption can also help greatly on keeping fit and losing weight.

    You will see immediate effects of Dry January, such as:

    • • Feeling better in the mornings which will make it easier to start off your day
    • • Being more active and less tired during the day
    • • You may start to see a difference in your skin – making it look and feel better!
    • • No hangovers!
    • • The sense of achievement for going without alcohol for a whole month


    Visit Alcohol concern and Cancer Research UK to see how you can participate in Dry January challenges today.


    For further information about drinking, alcohol and tips on cutting down please visit NHS choices.

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